About Eric

I am Eric Hardwick and I have been selling on Amazon and Ebay since 2009.  I have grown my business from an initial capital investment of $5k to over $3.5 million in sales in 2015 on a combination of both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  I found that as I was scaling my business I was spending too much time sourcing products to sell on Amazon.  I needed to find a way to still get profitable items without spending all the time on the computer or in retail stores. At this point I decided that I needed to minimize the tasks that took up the majority of my time and effort, and so I’ve developed a team of VAs that do Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label sourcing, hiring, training, website building, list building, email management and much more for me everyday. They make me thousands of dollars each month, and, because of them, my business has grown substantially. I now have time for other important things!