Q: With the Train and Transfer program does the VA work full-time for me exclusively?
A: ABSOLUTELY! The VA is your VA and no one else is exposed to your finds but you, GUARANTEED!

Q: What if I want multiple VAs, is there a discount available?
A: YES, please contact us at eric@trainedvas.com and we can discuss this with you.

Q: Can I get a VA to source in other marketplaces like UK or Canada?
A: We are in the process of training our first VA to be able to source products for UK sellers. Canada will follow soon after. Coming soon…

Q: What are the specific ROI the VAs are trained to source and find?
A: We train them to find a minimum of 45 percent ROI. Typically the ROIs range from 45-200 percent.

Q: Can I set specifics that pertain to ROI or stores that are being sourced?
A: Yes, we will work with you until we have found exactly what your needs are!

Q: Do the VAs source oversize items?
A: Yes. If you don’t want oversize items sourced, please let us know.

Q: Are there a list of stores that the VA is trained to go and look at?
A: Yes, we train them on specific sites. Then when we complete training they are free to source from any sites that are available to purchase from.

Q: Does this service work for people who live outside the US?
A: This is the perfect solution for sellers that live outside the US! The VA finds the items, you purchase and have your items sent to the Bullards at My Inventory Team. We have clients from the UK, Canada, China, and Singapore to name a few!

Q: What additional tasks can I train them to do?
A: Basically anything internet related. VAs can be trained to answer emails, create Ebay listings, do email marketing, etc.

Q: What is the startup cost of VA Train and Transfer?
A: The startup cost of VA Train and Transfer is $697.00, which is a one-time fee.

Q: What is the monthly cost of VA Train and Transfer?
A: VA Train and Transfer monthly cost is up to you. When you receive your new VA you will negotiate a fair wage for them. We typically pay our VA’s $2-$4 an hour or $300-$480 per month unless they have advanced skills; then the pay can be higher.

Q: Can my new VA source Private Label products for me?
A: Absolutely! You can give us your parameters and we will train your VA to look for items that fit them.
Q: Is a VA able to help me with wholesale sourcing?
A: Our VAs can help you by spending there time working through the wholesale sheets and finding the items that fit your qualifications thus saving you hours and hours of your precious time.
Q: If I get a VA from you and then need to take a break and start up later is that okay?
A: Of course! We can provide the same VA again if they are still available or we can provide a new trained VA to help you out with your business for no additional cost.
Q:If I only need a VA for part-time is that okay?
A: Yes it is not a problem just let us know after you make the purchase that you only need a part-time worker.