Imagine having a fully trained Virtual Assistant simply handed to you on a silver platter, what would that do for your business? The whole process of posting an ad, interviewing eligible candidates, narrowing your options & eliminating candidates, and training your new hire can be a daunting task. What if someone else did all the heavy lifting for you in a “Done For You Service?” You can find such a service at Eric Hardwick’s Trained Vas.com site. Eric’s service is mind-blowing. The VA he provided for me sends me a list of profitable products on a daily basis. Finding products to sell has never been easier. Thanks to Trained Va’s.com, I now have more products than I can handle. Bravo for a top notch service, Eric!

– George Nieves

“Eric took care of the training for us before we started using the VA, so they were not new to the world of sourcing, which is what we needed a VA for.
Eric knows how to train his VAs, but most of all he is very easy to work with, and he really has a heart for the VAs he represents. He runs his business not only to help his customers (me and you), but because he sincerely wants to help those in the Philippines who really need jobs for food and necessities. Working with Eric is such a pleasure, and we will continue to use his service!”

– Nancy Alexander

 I am so excited that Eric Hardwick is offering this service! Just to give you my personal experience Eric is second to none when it comes to hiring the best virtual assistants and training them to fit your needs. The relationship that he builds with these employees from the Philippines is incredible. The virtual assistant that Eric supplied me with is awesome! Within the first week Eric’s VA that he set me up with was already finding incredible deals. The communication is also outstanding with my VA. Eric stresses to his VAs that communication is very important. I get a spreadsheet every single day and a message from my VA notifying me that he is working. Thanks, Eric; this has changed my whole entire business!!!

– Lance Wolf

Eric found and personally trained my VA, and each week I get some great product finds. This serves as another stream of income for me and my ROI is very good after paying my VA and using the product finds… Thanks Eric Hardwick!

– Barrington McIntosh, Jamaica

To my surprise, Eric introduced us to our VA the day after he received our payment. We introduced ourselves and the very next morning she gave us a list of products in which the profits from have paid for our initial investment of having Eric train her. Since then we have developed a wonderful relationship with our VA and she is producing 100 times her wages in product finds or more each and every month. She is very loyal and speaks English almost as well as I do. We hope to be working together for a very long time.

– John Schnieder, CA

We used Eric’s VA service after trying (and failing) to hire our own and we were not disappointed. He quickly provided the highest quality VA and she started sending through amazing deals straight away. The profits we have made from using Eric’s service far outweigh the small investment. Thanks Eric, this has taken our business to a totally new level!

– Eddie & Andrew Robertson, UK

Hiring a VA is something I have wanted to do for months, but I used every excuse possible to delay that decision. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I called on Eric Hardwick to assist me. And boy am I glad I did. He helped me find the right VA for the tasks I needed assistance with. And so far, my profits since hiring my VA have increased far more than what I have paid out in salary. Now I wonder why I waited so long to decide.

– Ken Kelley, SC

This was such a slam dunk that I immediately asked Eric to train a second VA, whose product finds ended up paying for the monthly cost of both VAs on her very first day.

– Mike Pimco, NJ

I have tried to train and hire VAs on my own but have never gotten the consistent results Eric’s VAs are providing me. If you are ready to utilize the services of a VA for sourcing, you can’t go wrong with Eric Hardwick’s VA Service!

– Sharon Watts

I enjoy using Eric’s service because it saves me a lot of time trying to find a qualified VA. The VA comes trained with a good base of knowledge needed to do the job. This is a valuable service that I recommend to anyone ready to take their online arbitrage to the next level, and Eric stands behind his service.

– Craig Anderson

Thanks Eric! The VA Network service he offers is fantastic. Before using Eric’s service I was having a hard time consistently finding good inventory. Waking up every morning to a spreadsheet in my inbox with 15-20 product finds is great. It allows me to spend more time with my family. The Customer Service I received from Eric and his Project Manager was top notch. I highly recommend the VA services Eric offers.

– Danny Cuevas

Are you working your business or is your business working you? Raymond Aaron said, “If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.” Why limit yourself or your business? You cannot build a million dollar business doing it all yourself. Hand over the stress issues to Eric Hardwick’s VA services and rest for a change while watching your business expand.

– Patricia Smith